Our Incredible HRA Board of Advisors

Michael Davis

Michael hails from Greenville, South Carolina and after a 22-year stint in the United States Navy as a Information Security Manager, he has found a home and community in Santa Fe, NM. Michael is also the proud CEO and co-founder of a boutique cybersecurity firm located in the heart of the Santa Fe Plaza named Merek Security Solutions, LLC. He loves music, traveling, and of course, being a part of a strong connected community such as Santa Fe! He sits as the Human Rights Alliance (HRA) Board Chair, but also sits as an Envision Fund board member, in addition to the New Mexico Technology Council and the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) member.


Vice President
Linda Mortensen

Linda was born in Reno, NV and considers desert lifestyle, ski runs, and fly fishing streams, home. She is owner of FeildShake Design Co, described by friends as “experimental industrial design”, and employed as a project manager for D. Maahs Construction Santa Fe, NM. As a retired Air Force member she served under the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and understands the suffocating results when restrictive human rights are employed, with that, she was an active member of Service Members Legal Defense Network which provides legal council to those discharged under DADT. Linda has been an active volunteer for Safe Place Women’s Shelter Olympia WA, Big Brother Big Sister of Thurston County, and past board chairperson of Method Resource Recovery. She is delighted to be your Vice President of HRA Santa Fe 2019.

Calvin Brandi Fields


A true staple of Santa Fe’s elite scene, Calvin Brandi Fields has been instrumental in not only HRA’s success, but the success of many charities in and around Santa Fe and neighboring communities. Brandi has had a remarkable track record, raising thousands of dollars for many of Santa Fe’s non-profit businesses. Most notably, Brandi’s Oscar Party is one of Santa Fe’s staples for fundraising, raising for such organizations as Adelante’s Homeless Fund, The Santa Fe Animal Shelter, and countless others! HRA is is proud to have her extensive wisdom as part of our Executive Board.

John Jones-Kukulski

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Allison Holley

Allison joins HRA with a similar purpose as her occupation: to be the greatest joy in being of service through shining my light and being a grounded channel of unconditional love. As a professional, Allison is the author of The Era of the True Creator, and has conducted thousands of energy and channeling work sessions, intuitive coaching, and channeled guidance for a variety of clients over the years. Her philosophy of knowing that we are all unique and beautiful souls sharing this physical-realm experience together finds itself into our HRA Community Outreach relative to fundraising and community relationships. HRA is proud to have her as part of our Advisor Board!

Promotion and Media
Val Ovalle

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Business Development
Victor Hughes

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Volunteer Coordinator
Mark Westberg


Mark is a local to Santa Fe, NM, but originally hail from Seattle, WA. He graduated with a degree in theater performance from Santa Fe University of Art & Design in 2014. He considers himself an artist, theater and film actor (SAG/AFTEA), musician/songwriter, and am an activist with a particular focus in LGBTQ+ and mentally divergent civil rights and justice. He also deeply identifies with all of these communities on a personal level. He has worked in collaboration Pride 2018 with the T-shirt design, and feels honored to be officially on board with HRA and Pride this year in 2019 as the volunteer coordinator. In his off-time, he enjoys traveling, Halloween, Pagan holidays, world cuisine, his friends and family, and my siblings (aka, my cats).