Looking To Sponsor HRA Pride Events and future LGBTQ+ Social Programming? How about grabbing an Informational Booth on the Plaza for your organization? Or even better, design an incredible float for our Pride Parade???

Well, you’re in the right place!

Please download our entire HRA Sponsor Package or the Condensed HRA Sponsor Package one and fill out the requested information then send it back to us with your financial donation or payment for your booth or parade fee. You can either scan and email the compete application to info@santafepride.org or simply mail it in to the address listed within the application. Also, to pay for your booth or parade fee, please use the DONATE page , insert the amount of the booth or parade into the CUSTOM AMOUNT field, then proceed to pay through the next process. Once we have your filled-out application on file and a payment, you are good to go!

Easy peasy!

Of course, you can always visit our DONATE page and just contribute what you can!

All of our requested docs pertaining to the Parade application to the booth application is part of this package. Please look it over carefully, and if you have any questions please email us at info@pridesantafe.org or (505) 395-6243.